There many companies that provide online file storage services. Among them, has been known for being easy, reliable and free for 1GB of storage. What else could you ask for? After all, all were talking about here is uploading and retrieving files. Right? Well, the folks at are betting that you’ll want to do something with […]

If you have decided that Apple’s world if the iPod is not for you, is the site for you. Not only will you get reviews of mp3 players from everyone but Apple, AnythingButiPod also covers everything that goes along with them including accessories, industry news, connectivity and digital rights management (DRM) issues. For you Amir. Happy Birthday. audio […]

George Colony, the CEO at Forrester Research, has a great article, written in plain english, on why Web 2.0 has changed the business-customer relationship. Highlights include: Having a conversation with customers Web sites are almost always poorly designed Will your customer recommend your business to a friend? Customers have way more power Great marketing works […]