If you are flying this holiday season, you don’t want to use this site; unless you have to or want to. SleepingInAirports.com has postings and some photos from travelers who have spent nights in airports around the world. With over 5,100 reviews, you will find some experiences that may make your hopefully short stay more […]

Sure, I’ll pick you up at the airport… 3 hours into a Law and Order marathon my phone buzzes. Who’s texting me? Yikes! FlightStats.comhas a ton of information regarding flights, airlines, and airports. All good stuff, but it’s the ability to receive flight alerts that is extremely helpful. You can set alerts to be notified if […]

The Transformers movie, starts at 4:30. If you aren’t from Los Angeles, you may think that going from Santa Monica to Westwood would take you 10-15 minutes. You’d be wrong. Locals will tell you that 40-50 minutes is more realistic and, until now, Google Maps had the drive time listed at 10 minutes. Now, there’s […]

When booking travel, no one site covers everything. Flights, lodging, transportation and other details require multiple sites to make sure you have a great trip and an awesome vacation. Airline Flights: www.Kayak.com – This site takes your dates and other details and enters it into all of the major airline sites and then lists the results […]