Have you ever needed to see a password that was masked by asterisks. actually behind those password stars? If it has been a while since you typed in that password NirSoft has developed some freeware that will allow you to see passwords in programs, your IM client or your browser. Cool stuff.

Just yesterday I was helping a friend with some of the finer points of searching for information on the Web. We were looking for anything we could find on an automobile engine he had purchased, and all we had to go on was a seven digit “casting” number. Using Internet Explorer, we entered the number […]

The folks at Infoworld have a great article on wireless USB. Here are the highlights: Uses UWB (ultrawideband) technology Communicates to 10-meters. Speeds of 110Mbps at 10 meters, up to 480Mbps at two to three meters. (FYI – Bluetooth is 1Mbps to 2Mbps.) Uses the 3.1GHz to 10.6GHz spectrum so interference with other wireless devices is minimal. […]

In the online world that is the great haystack, finding that one important needle can be unbelievably frustrating. You know that what you’re looking for has to be out there and that search tools like Google have special ways of finding them, but who can remeber all that syntax, what with the tildes, pluses, minuses, and quotes? […]

You flip on the light from the house to the garage and it’s just not bright enough. You’d hook up a bright lamp or over head light, but wiring just isn’t your thing. Get a sensor plug. It is very simple. You plug your lamp or light into the sensor plug and then plug it […]

One of the most frequent pages you see is the home page your browser displays when it starts up. If you are not using a customized start page, or if you haven’t looked at the latest round of options, you really should. Lifehacker has a great round up of the most popular options complete with letter […]

Sizeasy.com is very simple. You type in the dimensions of something and the site shows you, in 3D, how it looks next to a deck of cards, a CD case, a match book, a soda can and a bunch of other things. Very useful.

You know the drill. Every month you get a stack of bills and every month you sit down and write out and mail a bunch of checks. If you’re a little more progressive, you have your bank send the checks or electronic payments. That’s so 2002. Now you may want to take the next step […]

If you have to email a large file, up to 50 MB for free, YouSendIt.com does a great job. I’ve used it, with great success, to email large files that my corporate email account would not allow. The file gets securely stored on the YouSendIt servers and a link is sent to the recipient. The recipient clicks […]

When that million dollar domain name pops into your head, you can check to see if it is available in the time it takes you to type it. Go to InstantDomainSearch.com.

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