External hard drives are everywhere. With sizes from 80 GB to 1 TB you may already have one. If you don’t, now’s the time. If you are worried about setting up a backup procedure or file copy process, Microsoft offers a great free tool called SyncToy.  SyncToy can copy, move and synchronize files, folders and drives. It […]

A very good tool for controlling temp files, history files, cookies, autocomplete history, and registry changes. Great for clearing footprints off a computer. Everything can be controlled including which files should not be deleted. CCleaner can set up to run at launch, at shut down or manually.  Get CCleaner at download.com. And, it’s free!

When doing HTML or graphics work, I often have the need to exactly match a color. There is no easier way of doing this than with a tool called Pixie. Pixie is a tiny program that gives you the hex, RGB, HTML, CMYK, and HSV values for the color your mouse pointer is over. From there, […]

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