Apple has announced that pre-orders are available for Apple OS X 10.5 Leopard that will ship on October 26, 2007. To see what will be included, there is a page on that lists more than 300 new features that will be included. Enjoy. Apple software

Type a ‘w’ or the word ‘word’, and Microsoft Word is launched. Type ‘ppt’ and Microsoft PowerPoint is launched. Type ‘g’ and Google is launched in your browser. It may not seem like it, but typing a few letters is even easier than mousing over to desktop icons. SlickRun is a utility that floats on your […]

File this one under, free, easy, and small programs that make life easier. Unlocker is  a Windows program that puts itself on the right-click menu, and allows you to delete files or folders that don’t get deleted because they are “Being used by another person or program.” You know the file or folder isn’t in use, or shouldn’t be, […]

By now, you know about online file transfer services like YouSendIt. No? TransferBigFiles.comups the free file size limit to 2 GB, and they offer a client program that speeds up transfers which is good, because lugging around files this size is sure to take up a good chunk of time.  What I find interesting is […]

Now you can cast your gaze upward and see Vega, Regulus, and Polaris. Google Earth 4.2, once downloaded and installed, now includes star maps. Moons, planets, constellations, galaxies are all visible and zoomable. You can see the night sky for your current earth location, and there is even a layer for Hubble space telecope pictures. constellations […]

Easy Duplicate Finderis a free program that does just what is says. When you install and run it, you will get back a list of original files and their duplicates. Duplicates are located based on the contents of the file and not the file name. Results are presented with originals and duplicates right next to […]

RaimaRadio has released an awesome Internet radio tool that moves it up. Here are the bullets: Record Internet radio, and where available, have the songs saved individually and labeled with title, artist and album information. Record and/or listen to multipe radio stations at once. Record on a schedule. Just set the date and time. RaimaRadio […]

Forget that software for importing and editing photos that came with your digital camera.  Here are six reasons you should use Picasa from Google. Organizing photos on your computer: Once installed and launched, Picasa will catalog, by date and folder, all of your photos, no matter where on your computer they may be located. Note: By […]

Have you ever needed to see a password that was masked by asterisks. actually behind those password stars? If it has been a while since you typed in that password NirSoft has developed some freeware that will allow you to see passwords in programs, your IM client or your browser. Cool stuff.

Not many things compare to sitting out on a summer night and staring up at a star filled sky. When you are done picking out the big dipper and the north star, and want to know more about that redish looking flicker directly overhead, get Stellarium. Stellarium ( is an awesome, free program that takes the location that you […]

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