American Science & Surplus, otherwise know as a geek store, has a an unbelievable array of kits, craft supplies, costume accessories, robot parts, motors, switches, connectors, lab supplies, containers, and more and more and more. If your geeky mind has the thought, “I wonder if anyone sells one of these,” give this site a look. […]

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A Best Buy card. A Bev Mo card. One each for Safeway and Albertson’s. Another for Office Depot and one for Office Max. All those club cards are enough to give you a 3 inch Constanza Wallet and a pain in your rear. has a very simple, medium technology solution that will flatten your wallet by 7 […]

Radio Shack – Expires 8/4/2007 – SanDisk® New Cruzer Micro 4GB USB Flash Drive. $29.99 down from $99.99. This drive holds 4GB of information, features a high-speed USB 2.0 interface for fast transfers and is backwards compatible with USB 1.1. The USB connector is retractable, so your connection remains safe when not in use. Easy to […]

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