There many companies that provide online file storage services. Among them, has been known for being easy, reliable and free for 1GB of storage. What else could you ask for? After all, all were talking about here is uploading and retrieving files. Right? Well, the folks at are betting that you’ll want to do something with […]

We’ve all been there. We want to get to an article or test out an online tool, but it is behind the username and password door. Even though entry is free, it’s really not isn’t it. You don’t want to give up your personal information, including your email address for that one time you want […]

Just yesterday I was helping a friend with some of the finer points of searching for information on the Web. We were looking for anything we could find on an automobile engine he had purchased, and all we had to go on was a seven digit “casting” number. Using Internet Explorer, we entered the number […]

In the online world that is the great haystack, finding that one important needle can be unbelievably frustrating. You know that what you’re looking for has to be out there and that search tools like Google have special ways of finding them, but who can remeber all that syntax, what with the tildes, pluses, minuses, and quotes? […]

One of the most frequent pages you see is the home page your browser displays when it starts up. If you are not using a customized start page, or if you haven’t looked at the latest round of options, you really should. Lifehacker has a great round up of the most popular options complete with letter […]

You know you should back up your files but you don’t. Why? Because it’s a hassle to get up from the couch, walk over to that 500 GB drive, connect to it, and leave your laptop there until the process is complete.  Why not make that drive available at any time. Set yourself up for […]