Through seven years and a buyout by Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) in May ’07, the digital photography research site remains the standard when it comes to comprehensive information, examples, and opinion. Yes, there are others like and Cnet, and yes they are helpful, but no substantial camera purchase should be made without reading through […]

Sending a picture of your lovely daughter is a great idea until your email program gags on that 2.5 MB file.  Or maybe you’ve just finished that PowerPoint file only to realize that you chocked it full of 27 MB worth of images. These, as well as many other, problems can be addressed with a very good, […]

Forget that software for importing and editing photos that came with your digital camera.  Here are six reasons you should use Picasa from Google. Organizing photos on your computer: Once installed and launched, Picasa will catalog, by date and folder, all of your photos, no matter where on your computer they may be located. Note: By […]

Julie Strietelmeier over at The Gadgeteer has a great article on taking great macro pictures without a lot of equipment. This is a straight forward how-to, complete with pictures. Very well done.