“We are studying it and we expect to make that free, and instead of having one million, having at least 10 million-15 million in every corner of the earth,”  were the words of new owner Rupert Murdoch when asked about online readership of the Wall Street Journal. No date set yet, but it won’t be too long, […]

When artists yearn for creative freedom, even the riches that come in the form of dollars only go so far. The pressure to be creative grows and grows until it blows, and for the recording industry, it is starting to blow. Witness the following events: Radiohead, currently not under contract with a record label, announced […]

Sling Media, the company that introduced place shifting to the world, has been purchased by early investor EchoStar Communications for 380 million dollars. Hopefully this gives Sling the money to grow and continued freedom to innovate. Read more on the Sling Media site. News sling video

In what we hope is a sign of the times, the New York Times has removed the subscription wall that hid some of the best content they offer. Now you don’t have to use BugMeNot to get in. There’s talk that the Wall Street Journal is also contemplating this move. Do it! Do it now! […]