What a great idea right? Build a tough camera that little Johnny or Janey can bang around. Make the buttons really big and colorful. Add some camera games and snap, you have a kids camera. Oh, you forgot about the taking picture part. 1.3 mega-pixels. Plenty, right? Small, fuzzy LCD’s. No problem right? Wrong.  While looking […]

Picture this: Your kids have just spelled out “WE LOVE U GRANDMA” in the back yard using your potted plants and garden tools. You hear them yelling, “BRING THE CAMERA! WE NEED TO TAKE A PICTURE!” You grab your trusty digital shooter and bound to the back door. There they are, arm in arm standing […]

If you’re in the market for a bluetooth headset, Cnet Associate Editor Nicole Lee has put together a bluetooth headset roundup that compares the Aliph Jawbone, Plantronics Voyager 520, BlueAnt Z9, Cardo S640, and SoundID SM100. Of course how the headset feels when worn is exremely important, but this review can help you narrow down the field. […]

You may have heard about this project, the $100 laptop for children? It turns out the goal of creating a durable, functional, and usable laptop really ends up costing a bit more, but at $200 the XO is still revolutionary. This is one of those projects that takes two big, hairy, audacious goals and drives them […]

Fully packaged and refurbished Microsoft Zune 30GB on Woot.com for $99 + $5 shipping via a super secret link. audio gadgets Microsoft mp3 music Zune

From the first 8 guitar notes of “Sweet Child ‘o Mine” to the haunting calls of the howler monkey on your trip to Belize to the light and airey strums of the ukulele band on Kauai, music and sounds have a uniqe ability to take us away to that special place. Capturing these sounds and the music […]

The latest version of Firefly flyPhone, yep, the one designed for children, has great features but still suffers from poor call quality. So says PC Magazine. children gadgets kids Phones

Centro is the beautiful new smartphone just announced by Palm. It can handle almost all the programs that run on the Palm Operating System. This could be a huge winner, especially at $99. Here are the details: Screen – 320×320 pixel Transflective color touchscreen, supports 16-bit color (up to 65K colors)  Radio – Dual-band CDMA2000 […]

Your mobile phone. Your Bluetooth headset. Your iPod or mp3 player. Your digital camera. Yes, you have a serious case of gadget ependency. And in the spirit of promoting your dependency, I am offering you 3 solutions for keeping your electronic devices all juiced up with the least amount of cable clutter possible. Chargepod from Callpod: Charge up to 5 […]

I’ve been using a bluetooth headset, a Plantronics Voyager 510*, mainly in my car for a year now and it is great. It is very comfortable and loud. I love it. I had such high hopes for a new small bluetooth headset from SouthWing, the SH440, that announces the number of the incoming call. You see, […]

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