Fully packaged and refurbished Microsoft Zune 30GB on Woot.com for $99 + $5 shipping via a super secret link. audio gadgets Microsoft mp3 music Zune

From the first 8 guitar notes of “Sweet Child ‘o Mine” to the haunting calls of the howler monkey on your trip to Belize to the light and airey strums of the ukulele band on Kauai, music and sounds have a uniqe ability to take us away to that special place. Capturing these sounds and the music […]

If you have decided that Apple’s world if the iPod is not for you, AnythingButiPod.com is the site for you. Not only will you get reviews of mp3 players from everyone but Apple, AnythingButiPod also covers everything that goes along with them including accessories, industry news, connectivity and digital rights management (DRM) issues. For you Amir. Happy Birthday. audio […]

Very simple. Sign up at Anywhere.FM. Upload your music (MP3’s only). Access your music from anywhere on the net. More info and a screenshot at Lifehacker. audio music sound Website

I’ve been using a bluetooth headset, a Plantronics Voyager 510*, mainly in my car for a year now and it is great. It is very comfortable and loud. I love it. I had such high hopes for a new small bluetooth headset from SouthWing, the SH440, that announces the number of the incoming call. You see, […]

The concept is simple; a radio that uses a WiFi connection to tune in to more than 5,000 Internet radio stations from all over the world. No computer required. A small number of manufacturers have been producing WiFi radios for a couple of years, but $300 was more than most people were willing to pay. Now, […]

RaimaRadio has released an awesome Internet radio tool that moves it up. Here are the bullets: Record Internet radio, and where available, have the songs saved individually and labeled with title, artist and album information. Record and/or listen to multipe radio stations at once. Record on a schedule. Just set the date and time. RaimaRadio […]

If you are looking for a small, portable speaker that you can keep in your laptop bag, the Cyber Acoustics Portable Speaker System fits the bill. And, you won’t have to spend a lot. While you won’t be able to host a rave for 100 people with this speaker, you will be able to fill an good size room […]