1 – Print Fast – When you’re running out the door and need that Costco list or map to that new lunch spot, just choose print and you’ll have what you need in less than a minute. No longer will you have to wait for that clunky inkjet to “initialize” or take 5 minutes “cleaning the heads.”
2 – Print Without Heartache – The only message worse than “cleaning the heads” is “cartridge empty.” With a laser printer you’ll get 5 to 25 times more printouts before you will have to perform any kind of maintenance. Printing becomes a joy not a chore.
3 – Print From Anywhere on Your Network – Whether from the living room, kitchen or pool house (yeah right), your network connected laser printer is ready to go.
4 – Printing For Everyone – Anyone with access to your network can, and will want to go laser in your house. Don’t deny them the joy.
5 – Print Clearly – Laser printers today produce publication ready output. At better than 600 dots per inch and with the ability to print at 2400 dots per inch, images, charts and text are very crisp and clear.
6 – Print In Color – Yes, in beautiful, vivid color, the way printing should be. Black and white is so 1990’s.
7 – Print Without Breaking the Bank – Prices for color laser printers have come down drastically and with some careful shopping, you can have a very good network ready color laser printer for around $300.

Here’s a link to a PC World review of color laser printers. The one I’ve been using for the past 3 months is the Brother HL-4040CN. I shopped around and waited a couple of weeks for it to go on sale at a national office supply chain store in my town where Ipicked it up for $299.

It’s time. Get a color laser printer for your home and turn a chore into a joy.

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