What was that funny thing your daughter said this morning?

You’ll never remember.

Was it your son or daughter or other daughter that said, “Are bees born in flowers?”

Who can remember that when you can’t even recall what you had for dinner the day before yesterday.

 To capture these and other memories, set up an email address on a free service, like Gmail or Yahoo-mail, for each of your children. If your son’s name is John Smith, you may have to get a little creative because JohnSmith@gmail.com is most likely taken. Adding a middle initial or middle name may do the trick.

Now that you have the email address set up, just lob in an email when you want to remember something, and here’s where the fun begins. You can send emails from your computer or your phone. From work, home or on the road. When something fun happens or when you’re thinking of something that makes you smile. Send pictures too. Don’t forget to give the email addresses to grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles. You can even send voice recordings and videos. Don’t limit yourself. Take advantage of the gigabytes of space available and before you know it, you’ll have a wonderful chronological listing of special events, detailed thoughts and unforgettable messages.

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