What a great idea right? Build a tough camera that little Johnny or Janey can bang around. Make the buttons really big and colorful. Add some camera games and snap, you have a kids camera. Oh, you forgot about the taking picture part. 1.3 mega-pixels. Plenty, right? Small, fuzzy LCD’s. No problem right? Wrong. 

While looking for a digital camera for my children, I found two that led the pack and were available everywhere, the Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera and VTech’s Kidizoom Digital Camera. Both were fun and colorful. Both offered 1.3 mega-pixel resolutions and both were built “kid tough.”  This all sounds good, but after looking at specs and reading all the reviews, I have concluded that both are so bad that I’m going to wait until next year. Basically it came down to this. The Vtech Kidizoom takes horrible pictures. Just awful. And, the Fisher-Price, while its picture quality was slightly better, had design flaws such as an easy way to delete pictures, lousy LCD, and gender specific coloring.

This year, Santa is going to have to find something different to put under the tree. Hopefully the picture will be bright and clear next year.

To see an in-depth review complete with sample pictures, go over to ZRecs.com.

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