When youneed to quickly get some information like a phone number, an address or confirmation number from your PC to your phone, I just text it to yourself. Txt2Day.com makes it really easy. Just select and copy the information from a browser or document and text it to your phone. Just put in your phone number and […]

What a great idea right? Build a tough camera that little Johnny or Janey can bang around. Make the buttons really big and colorful. Add some camera games and snap, you have a kids camera. Oh, you forgot about the taking picture part. 1.3 mega-pixels. Plenty, right? Small, fuzzy LCD’s. No problem right? Wrong.  While looking […]

Picture this: Your kids have just spelled out “WE LOVE U GRANDMA” in the back yard using your potted plants and garden tools. You hear them yelling, “BRING THE CAMERA! WE NEED TO TAKE A PICTURE!” You grab your trusty digital shooter and bound to the back door. There they are, arm in arm standing […]

Sure, dictionaries have been on the Web since the begining, and they’ve been great, but like many tools, they’ve become polluted with ads, suggestions and assorted junk.  Definr is a very fast and easy to use online dictionary. As you type, the list matching words shortens until you see the word you want defined. Click […]