xo-computer-small.jpgYou may have heard about this project, the $100 laptop for children? It turns out the goal of creating a durable, functional, and usable laptop really ends up costing a bit more, but at $200 the XO is still revolutionary.

This is one of those projects that takes two big, hairy, audacious goals and drives them together to create a revolution. Each goal, in and of themselves would be amazing accomplishments, but when both happen together, the resulting revolution will change the world.

The goals are simple: 1) A $100 laptop. 2) A laptop for every child. Of course, the two work hand in hand, but separately, they have ramifications that will be felt for decades and together will change lives, the computer industry and the world.

As you review the features, think about how they will impact a child somewhere in the world, maybe in a classroom, maybe in a handmade house, maybe in your own living room.

  • 3.2 lbs.
  • Waterproof, dust-proof, drop proof with a handle
  • Viewable in total darkness and direct sunlight
  • 2 watts power consumption results in very long battery life and many different charging options including a hand crank
  • 1GB flash memory
  • WiFi networking
  • Mesh networking – XO’s can detect other XO’s and piggyback off each-other to gain network access and share documents and files.
  • Word processor, calculator, PDF reader, programs for music, chat, painting, and some games
  • Built in camera and speakers
  • USB connectivity

Please learn more about this project at www.Laptop.org. You can also learn more at NYTimes.com.

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