Through seven years and a buyout by Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) in May ’07, the digital photography research site remains the standard when it comes to comprehensive information, examples, and opinion. Yes, there are others like and Cnet, and yes they are helpful, but no substantial camera purchase should be made without reading through […]

Facebook Facts: 15 billion dollar valuation based on Microsoft’s $240 million purchase of 1.6% of the business Founded in 2004 73.5 million visitors in September ’07 Average visitor stay per visit: 20 minutes To get an idea of the way Facebook works, The Globe and Mail published a primer in April ’07. Also, TechCrunch published […]

The holiday shopping season is always signaled by the crush of catalogs that show up in September and October. To easily get rid of the ones you don’t want, use Set up takes just 1 minute. It’s so simple. Then, search for the catalog title, enter your customer number from the catalog cover, and […]

 Fast Company: 50 Ways to Green Your Business “Hamburger Helper helps your hamburger … save the planet? This year, General Mills redesigned the packaging of Mom’s old standby, shaving off 20% of the paperboard box without shrinking its tasty contents. The astounding result: 500 fewer distribution trucks on the road each year.” This is just […]

If you’re in the market for a bluetooth headset, Cnet Associate Editor Nicole Lee has put together a bluetooth headset roundup that compares the Aliph Jawbone, Plantronics Voyager 520, BlueAnt Z9, Cardo S640, and SoundID SM100. Of course how the headset feels when worn is exremely important, but this review can help you narrow down the field. […]

Apple has announced that pre-orders are available for Apple OS X 10.5 Leopard that will ship on October 26, 2007. To see what will be included, there is a page on that lists more than 300 new features that will be included. Enjoy. Apple software

Most, you’ve probably heard of, but some, like #85, “Take your car to a car wash instead of washing it in the driveway” may be new to you. There is also a great green site at that I covered here. I’m covering green topics here because of Blog Action Day. Conserve green Save Sustainable […]

For everything you want to know about the Nobel Prize, go to Be sure to scroll down on the home page to see the results for 2007.  BTW, did you know that Alfred Nobel invented dynamite? Nobel Prize Website

When artists yearn for creative freedom, even the riches that come in the form of dollars only go so far. The pressure to be creative grows and grows until it blows, and for the recording industry, it is starting to blow. Witness the following events: Radiohead, currently not under contract with a record label, announced […]

Type a ‘w’ or the word ‘word’, and Microsoft Word is launched. Type ‘ppt’ and Microsoft PowerPoint is launched. Type ‘g’ and Google is launched in your browser. It may not seem like it, but typing a few letters is even easier than mousing over to desktop icons. SlickRun is a utility that floats on your […]

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