Here is a Yahoo page that has a list of links to some great 911 sites. 911 General

Sure, I’ll pick you up at the airport… 3 hours into a Law and Order marathon my phone buzzes. Who’s texting me? Yikes! FlightStats.comhas a ton of information regarding flights, airlines, and airports. All good stuff, but it’s the ability to receive flight alerts that is extremely helpful. You can set alerts to be notified if […]

“A new National Geographic-Roper survey shows half of young Americans can’t locate world powers like Japan and India. Twenty percent can’t even find the Pacific Ocean.” – With sections for Parents, Educators, and Kids and Teens, is a site that helps children learn more about places, people, and how they interact. This site […]

Control-F lets you find a word or term on a Web page. Alt-Left Arrow takes you back to the previous Web page. Control-Alt-PrtSc copys a snapshot of the active dialog window to the clipboard. If you need a keyboard shortcut for Windows, Mac, or Linux programs, you can find them at General

We’ve all been there. We want to get to an article or test out an online tool, but it is behind the username and password door. Even though entry is free, it’s really not isn’t it. You don’t want to give up your personal information, including your email address for that one time you want […]

A Best Buy card. A Bev Mo card. One each for Safeway and Albertson’s. Another for Office Depot and one for Office Max. All those club cards are enough to give you a 3 inch Constanza Wallet and a pain in your rear. has a very simple, medium technology solution that will flatten your wallet by 7 […]

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