overloadedoutlet.jpgYour mobile phone. Your Bluetooth headset. Your iPod or mp3 player. Your digital camera. Yes, you have a serious case of gadget ependency. And in the spirit of promoting your dependency, I am offering you 3 solutions for keeping your electronic devices all juiced up with the least amount of cable clutter possible.

Chargepod from Callpod: Charge up to 5 devices at once with this slick looking multi-charger. It’s functionally a very small power strip with short, device specific connectors. $50 plus $10 per connector.

I-Rocks USB Hub w/ Power Adapter: Charge up to 4 devices with this USB hub. The included power adapter means you can charge everything without the need for your computer. $16.

Ikea Charging Box: This is a do-it-yourself solution is simple. Take a plastic box with a cover that opens, put in a power strip, drill some holes and plug in your gadgets.

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