We’ve all been there. We want to get to an article or test out an online tool, but it is behind the username and password door. Even though entry is free, it’s really not isn’t it. You don’t want to give up your personal information, including your email address for that one time you want to read an article, look at a chart or picture or try a tool.

BugMeNot.com is a site where you go to get usernames and passwords that let you get access to some of the most popular Web sites without registering. Just look through their list to find one of the username password combinations they provide. If the first combination you try doesn’t work, try another. You really should register if you will be using a sites content often, but the for access to that occasional article or tool, BugMeNot.com will help you.

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  1. New York Times Pay Wall Comes Down | JerryFreeman.com on September 20, 2007 12:19 am

    […] the subscription wall that hid some of the best content they offer. Now you don’t have to use BugMeNot to get in. There’s talk that the Wall Street Journal is also contemplating this move. Do it! […]

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