A Best Buy card. A Bev Mo card. One each for Safeway and Albertson’s. Another for Office Depot and one for Office Max. All those club cards are enough to give you a 3 inch Constanza Wallet and a pain in your rear.

JustOneClubCard.com has a very simple, medium technology solution that will flatten your wallet by 7 cards. Here are the steps.

  1. Enter up to 8 bar code numbers from your club cards into the Web based application at JustOneClubCard.com.
  2. Print out the bar codes on a single sheet of paper.
  3. Trim the print out using the trim marks. Done.

For a longer lasting card, you may want to laminate the final, cropped printout.

JustOneClubCard.com doesn’t store any information or numbers so you don’t have any real security issues. If you have more than 8 cards, do it again, and again, and again and sooner or later you will have a flatter, trimmer butt bulge.

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