The concept is simple; a radio that uses a WiFi connection to tune in to more than 5,000 Internet radio stations from all over the world. No computer required. A small number of manufacturers have been producing WiFi radios for a couple of years, but $300 was more than most people were willing to pay. Now, […]

Sending a picture of your lovely daughter is a great idea until your email program gags on that 2.5 MB file.  Or maybe you’ve just finished that PowerPoint file only to realize that you chocked it full of 27 MB worth of images. These, as well as many other, problems can be addressed with a very good, […]

RaimaRadio has released an awesome Internet radio tool that moves it up. Here are the bullets: Record Internet radio, and where available, have the songs saved individually and labeled with title, artist and album information. Record and/or listen to multipe radio stations at once. Record on a schedule. Just set the date and time. RaimaRadio […]

The Wall Street Journal asked some experts to help get around roadblocks that are frequently put up by IT departments. (To my IT friends: We know you are just doing your job, but sometimes, we need to do ours too.) The 10 roadblocks: (I’ve only listed 7 because I thought the last 2 were Blackberry […]

You’re in 26B on a five hour flight, and you are out of juice. Your iPod is dead, and your phone is dead. What will you do? Solar is out. Wind is out. I guess you could use one of those hand crank things, but you won’t last 2 minutes before being pelted with peanuts.   […]

The primaries are 6 months away. This presidential election is shaping up to be one of the wildest and unpredictable in recent history. eBizMBA has listed the most popular, based on Google page rank, inbound links, and visitor counts. Check the list and see if you can find a site or sites to sharpen your […]

Today, the United States Census Bureau launched a new Web site to help businesses understand the economic census and how it benefits them. The site includes economic snapshots of selected industries and business facts and ratios about every industry. The data can also be filtered by state, county, metro area, and city. The economic census is conducted every […]

Take a look at this awesome example of virtual reality. It is built on Papervision3D which is an open source 3D engine for the Flash platform. The group that makes the technology has a blog here. More about Papervision3D on Wikipedia.

Forget that software for importing and editing photos that came with your digital camera.  Here are six reasons you should use Picasa from Google. Organizing photos on your computer: Once installed and launched, Picasa will catalog, by date and folder, all of your photos, no matter where on your computer they may be located. Note: By […]

It’s time to heat up your hot dog stand business and get a domain name. Since you know that “” and “” are not available, you’ll have to come up with some combination of words to get a memorable name that conveys the essence of your your delectable treats. Instead of spending hours trying out combination […]

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