Sending a picture of your lovely daughter is a great idea until your email program gags on that 2.5 MB file.  Or maybe you’ve just finished that PowerPoint file only to realize that you chocked it full of 27 MB worth of images. These, as well as many other, problems can be addressed with a very good, free online tool called Web Resizer.

You may or may not know that image sizes can be reduced significantly by changing the dimensions and quality levels. For example, an image that is 500 KB can be reduced to 85 KB with a 20% reduction in quality. This level of quality change is imperceptible and the file size is greatly reduced.

With a straight forward user interface, Web Resizer allows you to upload a picture and make a variety of changes including size and quality reduction in addition to cropping, brightness, color saturation, and sharpness. The two limitations that could come into play are the 5 BM upload file size limit and the 800 pixel width limit on the reduced file.

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