The Wall Street Journal asked some experts to help get around roadblocks that are frequently put up by IT departments. (To my IT friends: We know you are just doing your job, but sometimes, we need to do ours too.)

The 10 roadblocks: (I’ve only listed 7 because I thought the last 2 were Blackberry specific and the last 1 wasn’t that good.)

  1. Email big files (1 solution covered in a previous post)
  2. Use software that is blocked
  3. Visit sites that are blocked
  4. Remove your footprints from a work computer (1 solution covered in a previous post)
  5. Find work documents from outside the office
  6. Store files online for remote access
  7. Maintain privacy when using Web email or IM

The people who were interviewed for this list are very good at what they do and the insights offered are clear and to the point.

Please use these tips and tricks with caution. IT departments usually have good reasons for putting up roadblocks and choosing to go around them can put you and/or your company at risk. OK. Disclaimer done.

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