File this one under, free, easy, and small programs that make life easier. Unlocker is  a Windows program that puts itself on the right-click menu, and allows you to delete files or folders that don’t get deleted because they are “Being used by another person or program.” You know the file or folder isn’t in use, or shouldn’t be, […]

You know there is an 800 number for Amazon somewhere. Good luck finding it on their site. Ebay, PayPal, even Yahoo all have 800 numbers that are hard to find; well, were hard to find. is a very simple listing of 800, 888, 866 and other helpful phone numbers for companies and services that […]

If you rent your house or apartment, are looking to rent or are a landlord, you need to give RentOMeter a try. Simply enter the address of the rental property, and the price, and RentOMeter will give you back a split screen with a visual gage of your property in relation to the others in […]

By now, you know about online file transfer services like YouSendIt. No? TransferBigFiles.comups the free file size limit to 2 GB, and they offer a client program that speeds up transfers which is good, because lugging around files this size is sure to take up a good chunk of time.  What I find interesting is […]

Today, videos of front and side impact tests from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety were made available online. They are being hosted by Consumer Reports. Links that may be helpful when researching auto safety include: Consumer Reports Crash Test Videos National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Insurance Institute for Highway Safety automobile […]

Now you can cast your gaze upward and see Vega, Regulus, and Polaris. Google Earth 4.2, once downloaded and installed, now includes star maps. Moons, planets, constellations, galaxies are all visible and zoomable. You can see the night sky for your current earth location, and there is even a layer for Hubble space telecope pictures. constellations […]

Very simple. Sign up at Anywhere.FM. Upload your music (MP3’s only). Access your music from anywhere on the net. More info and a screenshot at Lifehacker. audio music sound Website

Easy Duplicate Finderis a free program that does just what is says. When you install and run it, you will get back a list of original files and their duplicates. Duplicates are located based on the contents of the file and not the file name. Results are presented with originals and duplicates right next to […]

George Colony, the CEO at Forrester Research, has a great article, written in plain english, on why Web 2.0 has changed the business-customer relationship. Highlights include: Having a conversation with customers Web sites are almost always poorly designed Will your customer recommend your business to a friend? Customers have way more power Great marketing works […]

I’ve been using a bluetooth headset, a Plantronics Voyager 510*, mainly in my car for a year now and it is great. It is very comfortable and loud. I love it. I had such high hopes for a new small bluetooth headset from SouthWing, the SH440, that announces the number of the incoming call. You see, […]

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