Just yesterday I was helping a friend with some of the finer points of searching for information on the Web. We were looking for anything we could find on an automobile engine he had purchased, and all we had to go on was a seven digit “casting” number. Using Internet Explorer, we entered the number into Google and got back thousands of pages, most of them from discussion boards. One thing about discussion board pages is that they’re long, very long, and scrolling down to look for a particular seven digit number is painstaking to say the least. That’s where Control-F came in.

Also known as Ctrl-F, Control-F brings up the Find dialog box. We just typed the seven digit number into the Find box and when we clicked Next, the page scrolled down to the first instance of the number we were trying to find. Clicking Next again scrolled down to the next instance.

Control-F is a very easy and quick way of finding a word or number on a Web page.

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