Did you know that hyperthermia is the 2nd leading cause of non-traffic deaths among children? Source: KidsandCars.org

Here are two products to help prevent babies from being inadvertently left in the car.

The first system, Baby Alert, uses technology¬†and is simple to install and maintain. Just replace the harness clip on the baby’s car seat with the Baby Alert clip and place the key fob on your key chain. When the Baby Alert harness clip is fastend, the system is activated. If the key chain, with the fob, moves more than 10 feet away, the alarm sounds. $65.00

The second system is a non-technical solution, but requires you to add a step in your routine. The Baby Bee Safe system is an oversized tag, like a luggage tag, that hangs on the baby seat. When you buckle baby in, you take the Baby Bee Safe tag and clip it to your key chain. When you reach your destination and remove your key from the ignition, you will be reminded of your baby in the seat. $5.00

Either would be a great gift.

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