You know you should back up your files but you don’t. Why? Because it’s a hassle to get up from the couch, walk over to that 500 GB drive, connect to it, and leave your laptop there until the process is complete. 

Why not make that drive available at any time. Set yourself up for success.  With an external hard drive that connects to your WiFi network, you’ll have the ability to back up your files any time you want. And, if you really just want to back up a folder, say the My Documents folder, try a free software program from Microsoft called SyncToy.

And, backing up your files is just one reason to use network attached devices. Printing works the same way. When you need to print that Eticket or shopping list, just print it to your network attached printer and pick it up on the way out the door.

Whether backing up or restoring files from an external hard drive or printing a list, you don’t have to get up from your comfy chair.

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