You know the drill. Every month you get a stack of bills and every month you sit down and write out and mail a bunch of checks. If you’re a little more progressive, you have your bank send the checks or electronic payments. That’s so 2002. Now you may want to take the next step and put your bills on auto-pilot. is an online service that, for $12.95 per month, will receive your bills, scan them, send you an email when they arrive, and pay the bills automatically. Without any action on your part. Here’s a quick example. You set up your electric compay as a payee and MyEZBills sends a change of billing address notice to them. When your bill arrives at the MyEZBills processing center, it is scaned as a pdf, and an email with a link to the pdf is sent to you.  Of course, you can set up this payee so the bills don’t get paid until you say so, but why? The payment rules are very flexible, and allow you to pay minimum and maximum amounts or to pay the amount due on that bill. Furthermore, any company or person can be a payee. The money still comes out of your bank account but at least paying the bills is easy.

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