Just yesterday I was helping a friend with some of the finer points of searching for information on the Web. We were looking for anything we could find on an automobile engine he had purchased, and all we had to go on was a seven digit “casting” number. Using Internet Explorer, we entered the number […]

Did you know that hyperthermia is the 2nd leading cause of non-traffic deaths among children? Source: KidsandCars.org Here are two products to help prevent babies from being inadvertently left in the car. The first system, Baby Alert, uses technology and is simple to install and maintain. Just replace the harness clip on the baby’s car seat with […]

Daily IPTV has just put out a list of 100 Internet television/video sites. In addition to major content providers like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CNN, there are many subject specific channels. Very Funny Ads is site that collects television ads from around the world, and they are very funny.  The high definition programming from ABC […]

CallWave does two basic things for me, and I like both of them. First of all, when I get a voicemail, CallWave sends me a text message of the gist of the message. Yep, translated from voice to text and sent to my phone instantly. Second, I also get an email in my regular email […]

All of a sudden, that digital camera that has served you so well won’t zoom. Turning it off and on doesn’t work and pushing the zoom button really really hard doesn’t fix it either. What to do!?! Head over to FixYa.com. Type in your camera’s make and model number and see if an expert has posted […]

The folks at Infoworld have a great article on wireless USB. Here are the highlights: Uses UWB (ultrawideband) technology Communicates to 10-meters. Speeds of 110Mbps at 10 meters, up to 480Mbps at two to three meters. (FYI – Bluetooth is 1Mbps to 2Mbps.) Uses the 3.1GHz to 10.6GHz spectrum so interference with other wireless devices is minimal. […]

Now that you are a Google advanced seracher, you’ll want to incorporate a few more techniques to make you even more successful. One thing you can do is ask a question and have Google to ‘fill in the blank’ for you. You can do this by adding an asterisk “*” in the part of the sentence […]

Julie Strietelmeier over at The Gadgeteer has a great article on taking great macro pictures without a lot of equipment. This is a straight forward how-to, complete with pictures. Very well done.

Radio Shack – Expires 8/4/2007 – SanDisk® New Cruzer Micro 4GB USB Flash Drive. $29.99 down from $99.99. This drive holds 4GB of information, features a high-speed USB 2.0 interface for fast transfers and is backwards compatible with USB 1.1. The USB connector is retractable, so your connection remains safe when not in use. Easy to […]

When your washing machine decides to explode and flood the floor, like mine just did, you probably won’t go online to buy a replacement. Big box items like washers, dryers, refrigerators and televisions are usually purchased from local stores rather than online retailers, and finding the best price and availability is a time consuming and often frustrating ordeal. That’s […]

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