I went to my local AT&T store today and spent 10 minutes playing with the Apple iPhone. It is beautifully designed and works pretty much as advertised. There are a couple of annoyances that will keep me from getting one, even if it is free

Annoyances: 1. The SMS application doesn’t turn horizontal so it is difficult to type on the cramped, soft keyboard. There is a trick to combat this, but it is still bothersome.  2. Not all applications switch to the horizontal format and there is no indicator to show which ones do and which ones don’t. 3. The sleek and shiny exterior makes it really hard to hold. It feels really slippery.

 I do a lot of email and texting, so typing on a phone is important to me. All of these annoyances add up to less than desireable typing experience for me. I’ll wait for v2.

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