1 – Print Fast – When you’re running out the door and need that Costco list or map to that new lunch spot, just choose print and you’ll have what you need in less than a minute. No longer will you have to wait for that clunky inkjet to “initialize” or take 5 minutes “cleaning the heads.”
2 – Print Without Heartache – The only message worse than “cleaning the heads” is “cartridge empty.” With a laser printer you’ll get 5 to 25 times more printouts before you will have to perform any kind of maintenance. Printing becomes a joy not a chore.
3 – Print From Anywhere on Your Network – Whether from the living room, kitchen or pool house (yeah right), your network connected laser printer is ready to go.
4 – Printing For Everyone – Anyone with access to your network can, and will want to go laser in your house. Don’t deny them the joy.
5 – Print Clearly – Laser printers today produce publication ready output. At better than 600 dots per inch and with the ability to print at 2400 dots per inch, images, charts and text are very crisp and clear.
6 – Print In Color – Yes, in beautiful, vivid color, the way printing should be. Black and white is so 1990’s.
7 – Print Without Breaking the Bank – Prices for color laser printers have come down drastically and with some careful shopping, you can have a very good network ready color laser printer for around $300.

Here’s a link to a PC World review of color laser printers. The one I’ve been using for the past 3 months is the Brother HL-4040CN. I shopped around and waited a couple of weeks for it to go on sale at a national office supply chain store in my town where Ipicked it up for $299.

It’s time. Get a color laser printer for your home and turn a chore into a joy.

What was that funny thing your daughter said this morning?

You’ll never remember.

Was it your son or daughter or other daughter that said, “Are bees born in flowers?”

Who can remember that when you can’t even recall what you had for dinner the day before yesterday.

 To capture these and other memories, set up an email address on a free service, like Gmail or Yahoo-mail, for each of your children. If your son’s name is John Smith, you may have to get a little creative because JohnSmith@gmail.com is most likely taken. Adding a middle initial or middle name may do the trick.

Now that you have the email address set up, just lob in an email when you want to remember something, and here’s where the fun begins. You can send emails from your computer or your phone. From work, home or on the road. When something fun happens or when you’re thinking of something that makes you smile. Send pictures too. Don’t forget to give the email addresses to grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles. You can even send voice recordings and videos. Don’t limit yourself. Take advantage of the gigabytes of space available and before you know it, you’ll have a wonderful chronological listing of special events, detailed thoughts and unforgettable messages.

American Science & Surplus, otherwise know as a geek store, has a an unbelievable array of kits, craft supplies, costume accessories, robot parts, motors, switches, connectors, lab supplies, containers, and more and more and more. If your geeky mind has the thought, “I wonder if anyone sells one of these,” give this site a look. More info on Cnet.

YouTubeYouTubeYouTubeHilarious, inspirational, goofy, heartwarming,
creative, adorable, strange, thought provoking,
enraging. The YouTube video awards for 2007.

CookingForEngineers.comThink cooking for engineers by an engineer. Details, details, details. At CookingForEngineers.com, Michael Chu, a hardware and software engineer from Silicon Valley, takes an engineer’s approach to cooking which includes painstaking levels of details and instructions designed to maximize the chance that you will be successful when conducting your next culinary experiment. Yes, experiment. Think of each cooking session as an experiment, and you’ll better understand where Michael is coming from.

Take for example, his recipe for “Absurdly Easy Chocolate Fudge.” There are instructions and pictures of every step in the process including what a buttered 8 inch square baking dish looks like and how to cool down the hot dish before placing it in the refrigerator. There’s no room for error because every detail is documented at CookingForEngineers.com.

When youneed to quickly get some information like a phone number, an address or confirmation number from your PC to your phone, I just text it to yourself. Txt2Day.com makes it really easy. Just select and copy the information from a browser or document and text it to your phone. Just put in your phone number and phone carrier, paste the information and hit send. That’s it.

What a great idea right? Build a tough camera that little Johnny or Janey can bang around. Make the buttons really big and colorful. Add some camera games and snap, you have a kids camera. Oh, you forgot about the taking picture part. 1.3 mega-pixels. Plenty, right? Small, fuzzy LCD’s. No problem right? Wrong. 

While looking for a digital camera for my children, I found two that led the pack and were available everywhere, the Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera and VTech’s Kidizoom Digital Camera. Both were fun and colorful. Both offered 1.3 mega-pixel resolutions and both were built “kid tough.”  This all sounds good, but after looking at specs and reading all the reviews, I have concluded that both are so bad that I’m going to wait until next year. Basically it came down to this. The Vtech Kidizoom takes horrible pictures. Just awful. And, the Fisher-Price, while its picture quality was slightly better, had design flaws such as an easy way to delete pictures, lousy LCD, and gender specific coloring.

This year, Santa is going to have to find something different to put under the tree. Hopefully the picture will be bright and clear next year.

To see an in-depth review complete with sample pictures, go over to ZRecs.com.

Picture this: Your kids have just spelled out “WE LOVE U GRANDMA” in the back yard using your potted plants and garden tools. You hear them yelling, “BRING THE CAMERA! WE NEED TO TAKE A PICTURE!” You grab your trusty digital shooter and bound to the back door. There they are, arm in arm standing right behind their creation. “Mom’s going to love this” you think to yourself. You start snapping away. First, some, more formal shots, and then everyone gets crazy, laying on their sides, voguing like models, and piling on top of one another. Then all of a sudden you realize, she can see these pictures right now. You call her on the phone and tell her to go to your Flickr site and snap, there they are. How cool. The pictures were uploaded, right from your camera to your online photo sharing site, all while still taking them and all without any extra effort. 

The Eye-Fi is an SD card which can hold up to 2GB worth of photos and has built in Wi-Fi capabilities. With these capabilities, your camera is connected to your Wi-Fi network and pictures can be sent automatically to your computer or to your online photo sharing site like Flickr, SmugMug, and Picasa Albums among many others. Eye-Fi is $99 and can be found where SD cards are sold.

eyefi-image-small.jpgSome things to think about:

  1. Unedited photos – If you’re like me, you like to edit your pictures before allowing the rest of the world, or grandma, to see them. If you have the pictures automatically go to your online photo sharing site, they will appear without edits.
  2. Public Wi-Fi networks – Because the Eye-Fi has to be paired with a network ahead of time, don’t think that you will be taking pictures at a park and having the public, city Wi-Fi network beam them up to your online photo sharing site. There are ways of taking your Eye-Fi capabilities on the road with you, but it involves a portable router.

This is really a breakthrough product that will change the way you get pictures from your camera to your computer and online photo site. Go forth, take pictures, and share.

Sure, dictionaries have been on the Web since the begining, and they’ve been great, but like many tools, they’ve become polluted with ads, suggestions and assorted junk.  Definr is a very fast and easy to use online dictionary.

As you type, the list matching words shortens until you see the word you want defined. Click on it and the definition appears instantly. No need for a page refresh. The only thing I would change, and this is very minor, is to display the definition of the first word in the list even as the typing continues.

If you are flying this holiday season, you don’t want to use this site; unless you have to or want to. SleepingInAirports.com has postings and some photos from travelers who have spent nights in airports around the world. With over 5,100 reviews, you will find some experiences that may make your hopefully short stay more comfortable.  This site also compiles best and worst lists which may influence your decision when booking connections. For example, going through SFO may be a better move than going through LAX. Since conditions and experiences at airports change, pay close attention to the dates of the reviews. I do wish they would add date sorting to their list of postings.

Unless you are a super budget traveler, sleeping in an airport has got to be one of the worst travel experiences you will have. Hopefully you never have to use this site.